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  1. Jaywalker's 'VOICE YOUR OPINION' is now LIVE. Click on the Opinion tab Next to the Home tab to have your say.

    There is a message facility for Bookworm Live members. It's different to AMA and Facebook in that it uses your own personal email. The recipients can see your email address when you send or reply to messages. If you have not already done so, I strongly urge you to set up a 'dummy' email address through gmail or hotmail which you can use for all your online activities.

    Sign in to Bookworm Live to retrieve messages, invite members to be your friend or invite your own family and friends to Bookworm Live. You can block all messages (or a particular sender) in 'settings', found under the 'options' tag. Although, at the moment, we are all AMA members, this may not always be so. Always protect your privacy and online safety.

    I'm excited to be able to offer another way for us all to keep in touch.
    Cheers, Sandra

  3. On 'Sites of Interest', there is now a direct link to your log-in page at Social Seniors. How convenient is that?

  4. Have just joined, am listed as a "follower"...what does that mean?

    1. Hi, welcome to Bookworm.

      Membership is not compulsory here but you do have the option to 'follow'. Followers can receive notifications of new postings and it is much easier to post comments and replies.

      You do not appear on our list of followers, have you joined privately?

      Why not introduce yourself?, tell us what you are reading? or join a discussion? We'd love to hear from you.

      Cheers, Sanmac

    2. I tried to join as a member but it didn't work. When I go on the site I can see myself plainly listed as a follower,under the name"Travelbug".

    3. Hi Travelbug. I think I recognise your moniker. Thanks for your perseverance. Are you able to 'sign in' as a member? As you only appear as a member on your screen, it may be that you opted to follow privately. There should be a setting for you to change this. If not, I suggest that you 'unfollow' this site in your Travelbug account, log out of it, then re-sign in and rejoin Bookworm.

      Perhaps, if there is still a problem, we could solve it by email? You can contact me at

      Fingers crossed.

    4. I still have to prove I'm not a robot despite being a member.
      Help please! :)

    5. Hi Sylvia. Sorry I took so long to reply. I've been testing on different computers but I am hampered by having admin status. The problem will be solved today. I'll test a friend's log in (who has the same type of account as you do).

      To recap: You have signed in to Bookworm, using your account. If the comment/reply box is not showing your details (as Jaywalker has mentioned), it should have an orange 'sign in' option. You may have to sign in there as well. Once it reads 'sign out', it should bypass the robot test.

      I can be more definite after I test it today.

      Thank you for persevering.

    6. Thank you Sanmac; no rush!

    7. Hi Sylvia, You are doing everything correctly. Apparently, although this site accepts Yahoo accounts to join, there is no provision for you to sign in to Yahoo to comment (and skip the robot test). It's a Google site and would be a 'poor show' if Yahoo is excluded. Unfortunately, there is no support line for administrators but I will put the question 'out there' and hope for a reply. This was successful in the past and my fingers are crossed. I'm sorry for the irritation. Make good use of the refresh button in the meantime. Many thanks for sticking with us.

    8. Hi Sanmac, Yes I realised there was no provision for me to sign in as Yahoo to post a reply, now I understand. No problem and thankyou for investigating this for me.

    9. My pleasure, Sylvia. This is the reply I received.

      "The blog uses an embedded comment form. If your non Google account members are not treated as members, they need to check cookie and script filters, on their computers. You have a non BlogSpot published blog, so script filters are a possibility."

      Hmmm I don't really understand it but I am impressed. The good news is, I now know how to bypass the test. Should be A OK from now on. Thanks for the feedback.

    10. I've created a Google a/c so let's see if it works!

    11. Yes it did! No need to prove I'm a robot anymore!
      Many thanks Sanmac. :)

    12. Only problem is I now find I'm a member TWICE over! Once as Sylvia and now as Sylvia Worth! :))

    13. Good one Sylvia! Pleased to welcome you both. If 'technology is a tool'; you have made it your slave.

  5. I don't know if it belongs here - but are there any lessons (live) to educate people like myself in androids/tablets/ipods etc? I tried Dick Smith but the young chappie behind the counter talked in a fashion I don't know.......Would an IT expert be too grand? I just want an easy one hour session on how to load my Bridge games onto my android...

    1. I'm not really able to help. To me, androids belong in SciFi novels. I suppose you've asked at your Bridge Club if anyone else has been successful? In Brisbane, the local libraries hold free computer classes. I'm not sure what they cover but it might be worth an enquiry and then bailing up the instructor after the class.

      I sometimes play at Bridge Base Online. They have instructions for androids but I don't know if it is specific to their site. Worth a try?

      Other than trying other sales people and googling, I have nothing else to suggest.

      Maybe some techno savvy readers out there can help. Good luck.

    2. Thanks, Sanmac I had noticed public libraries are giving instructions on certain communication devices - I have tied my tablet up to the electricity but the screen is blank.... How do I get data on?
      I am so ignorant - I needed a new mobile phone and looked at I-Pods and I-Pads, but couldn't iunderstand what they deliver.... will try again at libraries.....
      (wonder if they can help)

  6. I have an ipad and am pretty au fait with it as my stepson is an IT whizz at Telstra and insists on keeping us up to date. I had ipad1 and now have ipad3 and I love it, would be lost without it!

    There are lots of how-to sites on the internet - just google "getting started with an android tablet". Some even have interactive tutorials which you can watch via youtube. Go into the youtube site and put the same question into the search box. See how you go doing that but I might be able to help you with specific questions.

  7. thanks for that - i will follow that advicw

  8. Sanmac, is there any way of editing our posts after they've been published? I really should check for typing mistakes before I publish!

    1. Once it is published, the post can't be altered, sorry. Only in the 'preview' mode is there an edit function. For longish posts, I often type in Word, do any editing and then copy and paste to Bookworm. I am enjoying your story, don't worry about typo's.

  9. Hi there, Sanmac... I can't scroll further than 26th June on 'Group REads'. Could you have a look at it? Thanks

  10. Now can't register my comments - or contact people via messages. Have I been banned?

    1. Oh Madeleine, you could never be banned! There is a technical glitch with the Group Reads main page, which I am still investigating, however
      no other posts/pages are affected, to my knowledge. I don't really understand what you mean by 'register'. This comment was published. I'll message you as a test. Let me know if the problems continue.

  11. What's happened to the column of latest posts that used to appear on the right hand side when you logged on?

    1. Sorry Sylvia, it's a technical hitch over which I have no control. Apparently, it is not just Bookworm that is affected. There is a discussion on Snippets and an announcement on Suggestion Box. I am (temporarily, I hope) listing the posts with recent comments manually. It means we will have to search for the post through 'Blog Archive' or 'Labels'.

    2. Oh poor you having to list them manually!

    3. We now have 'recent comments' back. Woohoo! However, as the maximum is only 5 comments, I'll continue to list the active posts if it is helpful. Feedback is much appreciated.

  12. I think we have a spam posting by Anonymous dated March 22nd.

  13. Hi, just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. My name is Tracey, I'm from Melbourne Australia and I'm a fellow booklover and blogger over at I'm off to check out more of your posts. Happy Reading!

    1. Hello Tracey,
      I think I might be in the minority here as I live in England having been introduced to this site by a fellow contributor from a FriendsReunited Booklovers group.
      I hope you enjoy our past posts!

  14. Welcome, Tracey. I'm from Tasmania and we look forwrd to reading your comments.

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