#39 & #40  Bookfest, Brisbane 2014  (Eat your heart out, Sylvia lol)

#38  A Book Lover's Map.  How many locations can you recognise?  (You may need to enlarge the picture.)

Some pictures which caught my eye.  If you have any you'd like to see here, email and and we'll 'hang' them in the Gallery!

#37 & #40  Sylvia's Menorca holiday snaps. Looks like Heaven.


 Colin meeting Edward Rutherford and getting his book, Paris, signed at our local bookshop last night.
Thanks Jaywalker   I suppose the beret is in keeping.

#35  Now this is a bookstore!  Follow the link:


#33 What do you think of this for a travelling bookshop?


#31  I spent all afternoon rearranging my books. Do you like the effect? lol

This is Colin with the author Peter James in the Paris W H Smith shop in 2011. We saw a notice in the window that he was speaking that evening and went back to hear him. He writes a detective series set in Brighton, UK which was recently made into a TV series. Hugh Bonneville is to star in his next TV adaptation - Dead Simple. (Jaywalker)

#26 Brisbane Bookfest.......and this is just one section!Now, That's a book sale!

Doors open.........

#28  Now. this kind of exercise appeals!

#27  A prize winning Yorkshire bookshop in Thirsk, home of James Herriot and ‘All Creatures Great and Small’

#26  Found this while looking for something else! Dickens’ house in Broadstairs in Kent.

#25  My Xmas

#23 & #24 
I was at the British library in London yesterday meeting a friend for lunch and thought these photos would be good for the Bookworm gallery.
" The Last Word" is the name of the outdoor cafe on the Piazza and the sculpture is a bronze statue based on William Blake's study of Isaac Newton...........Sylvia


#22  Moi wrote.......This is a dolls house that I recently came across in Cocklington Green in Canberra.

It was commissioned by Philippa Poole as a fund raiser for a childrens hospital ward and is a replica of "MISRULE", the house of Ethel Turner's "Seven Little Australians".Since donated for display in Canberra

Philippa is the grandaughter of Ethel Turner.

Interestingly. about 30 years ago when my interest in australian prisoner of war commenced I stumbled upon a lovely book by Adrian Curlewis , about his time as a POW during the second world war. Now this book resonated with me , one , as Adrian was instrumental in moulding the Surf life saving movement in Sydney at a time when my own Father was muchg involved.As well, although his story touched on the atrocities of the situation at hand it was very much a love letter to his wife and young family. ( I was a romantic at the time.Had that knocked out of me since LOL )

Anyway, Adrian is Ethel's son, and Philippa's Dad

#21 Last year, Iran Cartoons organized an international contest for single-panel cartoons on the theme of reading. Some of the submissions were dark and sarcastic, others optimistically inspiring. Some were make-you-think obtuse, others pleasantly straightforward. Here is the winner.  It's just brilliant!

#20 Advice to authors

#19 Gives bedtime reading a whole new dimension!

#18 -  Sylvia's library - lol



#15 Can you relate to this?

#14 Shakespeare in the Park at Sandgate - Henry V - The blue banners signify that we are in France. It was extremely well staged and some actors had multiple roles.  So much for them to learn!

#13 Courtesy of Jaywalker - Couldn’t resist sending you this one although it showing off a bit! Afternoon Tea with Justine Picardie in her North London garden where she invited a small group of her blog followers. She gave us all an autographed copy of her biography of Coco Chanel. Note the Chanel ‘double c’ on the cup cakes she had specially made for us!

#12 Courtesy of Jaywalker - And here we all are…Colin and I bottom right.

#11 Courtesy of Sylvia - a couple of old photos taken in the Lake District a few years ago.
The one of the house "Rydal Mount" is not too clear but then it was quite misty during our stay which is fairly normal for the area!
Unfortunately we didn't go when the daffodils were out!

#10 Courtesy of Sylvia - I suppose the photo does give you an impression of the house's isolation![Unfortunately, I wasn't able to 'crop' these photos in pdf mode]

#9 Courtesy of Jaywalker:  Another photo from my albums - the Dickens birthplace museum in Portsmouth.

Enough said!                      #8

Courtesy of Jaywalker:  This is the back of the house. The front is fairly hidden by trees. You can see where the extension was added and the door into Virginia’s bedroom. Someone now lives in the upstairs area which you can’t visit.

Courtesy of Jaywalker:  This is the other side of her bedroom. The fireplace tiles and lamp are by Vanessa.

Courtesy of Jaywalker:  This is one I took in Virginia Woolf's bedroom/writing room which she had built on to the side of their country home, Monks House,  near Rodmell.

Story of my life

                                                                             Edith Wharton's Library at the Mount

                                                                   UK Book Exchange

Karl Lagerfeld has launched a new perfume, Paper Passion: The scent of of 'freshly printed books'. 
We like the sound of that!

 Isn't this true!


  1. Thanks for the photo of Woolfs' bedroom, Jaywalker. Is this the "Room of One's Own"? Please tell us more about her house.

  2. Yes, I think it might have been as she had it added some years after they bought the house and it's built on to the ground floor with a door out to the back garden and a path to her writing hut which she mainly used to write in.

    I'll send a couple more photos so you can see the whole house. Her sister, the artist Vanessa Bell, lived within (a longish) walking distance and she made furniture, textiles and tiles for the house which are all still there. it's very arts and crafts and was probably a bit shabby even then. When they first bought it it was fairly ramshackle and they had no hot water or indoor WC for many years. In fact the outside loo is still there as the visitor facility albeit with a newer piece of porcelain. They had a town house in London and went to Monks House at weekends but Leonard went on living there for many years after her death. At the back of the garden is an orchard and past that is the spire of the village church and the beginning of the lane she went down to the river where she drowned herself.

    The garden is superb and kept up by local volunteers. It's quite out of the way and unreachable without a car but well worth the effort. After our visit we had lunch with our English friends in the village pub and there was a very obvious Virginia fan reading one of her books over his sandwich and beer.

    1. Thanks so much Jaywalker, it's almost as good as being there!

    2. Thoroughly enjoyed the photos also. Thanks Jaywalker. Interesting stuff

  3. I've begun numbering the pics to make it easier to comment. Thank you Jaywalker, for sharing your album with us. Everyone can email any pics you'd like to share.

  4. Lovely photos - any ghostly feelings around VW's house? (Another great author who suicided!)

  5. No, it actually felt happy and serene. She loved the house and its garden. I believe the reason for the suicide was because she couldn't bear the idea of another bout of "madness" (bipolar) which, of course, was poorly treated in those days. Some info here:

  6. Jaywalker - what a special occasion, having tea with Justine Picardie, and the sun was shining!! The only author I've met is Priscilla Masters (detective/mystery novels) because she lives in the Staffordshire area. She was very friendly and gregarious!

  7. She is the inly one I have met in that sort of informal way. We listened to Peter James (detective series set in Brighton) in the Paris W H Smith's shop last year and we went to hear Sally Vickers in a local shop here the year before. Many years ago I went to a Cleo book day in London and briefly met John Mortimer, Andrew Morton who had just published the famous Princess Di book, and Melvyn Bragg (who was gorgeous). Not so much opportunity here in Tasmania as In the UK.

  8. Sanmac, loved the Christmas tree of books!

    1. Reader's heaven! All it needs is a gift tag with you name on it.

  9. #26 & #27 Thanks to Jaywalker. Keep them coming!

    1. Staggering! Would spend all day somewhere like that!

    2. Oops! Looks like my numbering system has gone awry!

      The Bookfest is fabulous - twice yearly!

      I would love to spend all day, too, but I have to leave once I've 'spent the rent' lol.