Sunday, 12 May 2013

Our Anniversary - May 13

BookwormLive began in 2012 to provide a place where we could continue our discussions and make contact with others who share our love of reading.  Anniversaries provide an opportunity to reflect on the past year and also to look at what can be improved or added to encourage participation.  Any site is only as good as it's input and we are so very lucky to have great contributors.  Take a bow, you know who you are.  To our Followers, thanks so much for your support.  It means much  in terms of encouragement and wonderful that you care enough to join us.  Finally to all our viewers. From Argentina to Vietnam, there have been 19,000 page views in the past year - an amazing response.  Please keep visiting and you are most welcome to share your thoughts with us.

It has been a fantastic year.  Just look at some of  Google's statistics in the comments below.  I think you will find them interesting.