Sunday, 13 May 2012

Music, Music, Music - The Beatles and Other Greats


  1. Love the Beatles. Was given an IPOD for Christmas by my eldest son which I use for walking each morning. I have one album on it `The Best of the Beatles' - which my son installed for me (is installed the right word for an IPOD) - so have never really learnt how to put other music on. But am in no rush to add anything else at this time ... and kinda like starting the day with Paul, John, George and Ringo.

    1. I like the Beatles, though I'm not a huge fan. They were very talented boys. I particularly like the orchestral arrangements of their songs. 'Yesterday' is a favourite. Now that this thread is more open, who else do you listen to?

  2. Sorry - think I made a mistake. Although I really enjoy The Beatles I'm no purist or expert on their musical history so think the actual name of the album is just `The Beatles' not `The Best of the Beatles'...well that's what it says on the IPOD anyway. See ya.

  3. VALE

    Donna Summers

    Peter Jones (Crowded House)


    1. They say bad news comes in 3's.

      Robin Gibb RIP

      Where were you when their big hits were playing?

    2. I saw the BeeGees in concert in Canberra in 1974 or 1975 - JUST GREAT - and although not as 'edgy' (for that era) as groups like `The Rolling Stones', thought that their music and harmonies were quite heavenly.

      Also think deep down inside, and very much from afar, a little part of me was quietly but a bit madly in love with the 3 of them for a while.

      R.I.P. Robin and your brothers brought great music to this planet.

    3. I still possess Best of The Bee Gees Volumes 1 and 2 on vinyl.I bought them when I was in my early teens from Edels in Sydney, which in those days was the only place to buy music.Both covers still wear their price tags: $4.99

      And funny to think back, but back then that took a young teenager a couple of weeks pocket money to save up.

      I have very few regrets in my life. Not having seen the Bee Gees live is one of them however.And Robin was always my favourite---saved by the bell and all that

  4. Some great home grown entertainers strutting their stuff over coming months. It becomes quite difficult to prioritise as unfortunately the purse does not match the needs.

    Kitty Flanagan, comedian Tick
    Keith Urban, musician Tick
    Todd McKenny as Peter Allen Tick

    Warhorse. Now this looks interesting. Lots of puppetry.Anyone interested ?

    1. Todd McKenny really channels Peter Allen.

  5. You have it over me, Moi. Other than Peter Allen, I don't recognise any names. *hangs head*.

  6. Not the Beatles etc but we saw a wonderful production of Evita on Broadway. Fantastic singing and dancing and very slick production. Worth every cent!

  7. Both my daughters flew in from different corners of Australia last weekend to spend a few days with their old mother, and to escort her to the last Australian concert of Joan Baez.Coming from a musical family ( although interestingly I am unable to carry any semblance of a tune nor play an instrument)), I have been exposed to a variety of music as a child, including folk singer and activist,Joanie. My children suffered the same fate and I took it one step further by placing head phones delivering tunes on my tummy whilst pregnant with each child.For me, music is a joy as well as a healer.

    So we were the youngest in the crowd, at least in my dreams....

    Ms Baez at 72 years of age looks absolutely fantastic. Her huge smile still lights up a room and she looks prettier and softer than she did in her twenties.The songs she delivered were clear, pure, and authentic, and she was mesmerising as she shared antidotes about Martin Luther King and Bobby Dylan. There were tears in eyes when she sang Eric Bogle's "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda".

    After the third standing ovation my daughters and I slipped out quietly into the night air to find a coffee,still not an easy thing to do on a school night in Brisbane. My youngest, the recalcitrant one, finally broke the silence with "now that was a concert to tell my grandchildren about ".

    I have just ordered Joan's autobiography ,"And A Voice To Sing With : A Memoir"from the local library. Anyone out there into her music at all ?

    Oh, and the kids and I have just booked tickets to opening night of Strictly Ballroom on stage in Sydney next March.Isn't life grand !

  8. Sorry - I'm basically a classical music nut, but each to his own and music of any kind is wonderful in its capacity to inspire joy and healing. It sounds like a great concert and I'm glad you got so much pleasure from it.

    We had a great dose of culture on this recent trip to Europe - I have decided that is what I want to spend my money on nowadays - so we got to Covent Garden to see Puccini's La Rondine, the Verona Arena to see La Traviata, a Proms concert at the Albert Hall with the Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra, as well as two excellent plays, one with Felicity Kendall and the other with several well known faces from television. Tasmania doesn't offer a great deal of culture but we go to what is available. The Melbourne Opera Company are bringing Cosi Fan Tutte in October and there is a piano recital at a historic country house near us early next month which we have booked for. In the meantime there's a;ways the good old ipod and CDs!

  9. Good on you Jaywalker, and also beaut that you support and enjoy local productions.

    Last week went to a production by the University of the Third Age. Very small, very amateurish, very "local" called "The Battle of Brisbane" depicting the blow up between Australian and American defence services forces when the yanks were seen as being "overpaid, oversexed , and over here". For all its shortcomings it was a delight to see more mature folk out there participating and having fun!

    Next month we are off to another local venture , "The Pirates of Penzance", as The Muppet is a G & S freak. He is refusing to join our dance clubs' Xmas function however which is a dinner/theatre evening to view a comedy version of "The 39 Steps". The mind boggles really , doesn't it ?

  10. We are also going to Pirates if Penzance - our local G&S Society is doing it next month. They are actually very good and the productions are always of a pretty high standard. I am a G&S fan too.

    We saw that version of 39 Steps in London a few years ago and I'm not sure I thoroughly enjoyed it, being familiar with the book and the original film but it was cleverly done.

  11. "When bachelor farmer Cyril runs a personal ad in Queensland Country Life offering to swap his reconditioned combine harvester in return for a wife of breeding age - all hell breaks loose"

    This is the premise of a recent local community production (Theatre Genesis) titled Farmer Will Swap Combine Harvester For Wife. Included with the cost of the ticket was the two course meal which was cooked and served by volunteers from the local Redlands Museum which benefited from any funds raised throughout the night. We dined under the stars and towering gums on a balmy summer evening that Brisbane does so well, and enjoyed the pre show sing along and Banjo Patterson bush poetry recital. Just so civilized to be able to enjoy a wine (or two) through the performance also ! Already planning for their next theatre/dinner effort and will organize a table for ten. If it comes your way, don't think twice....

    And next month, Kris Kristoffeson ( "Help Me Make It Through The Night") and Dr Hook ( "Sylvia's Mother"). Bring it on.

    1. Sounds wonderful. I love those sort of performances. We have Shakespeare in the Park here annually which is always good but of course Tassie is not as reliable as Brisbane weather wise.

      A couple of years ago we saw a wonderful production of Lady Chatterley in front of and in the grounds of Runnymede in Melbourne. The first act was in front of the house and we had a picnic and 2nd and 3rd acts we had to move chairs or rugs and follow the cast around the grounds. Great fun.

      We're off to Sydney at the beginning of April for Opera on the Harbour - Madama Butterfly this year. We saw Carmen last year and it was spectacular although it did rain so keeping our fingers crossed this time. The stage is built out over the water in the Botanical Garden with the bridge in the background.

    2. I have a photo of the entry gates to the Hobart Botanical Gardens advertising Robin Hood in January 2014 on my fridge. Would have loved to have been in Tassie for this ! When we were in Swansea, Tasmania, in November we attended a dinner/theatre production of "Around The World in 80 Minutes" by The Swansea Players and Review Group which was great fun. Terrific fresh seafood, lots of community singing, and a damn good nights entertainment. We were particularly fortunate to be sitting at the table with the costume designer which further personalized our evening.

      Enjoy your trip to Sydney, Jaywalker, and keep us informed

  12. Dennis Locorriere on stage..solo, with three guitars at the Redlands Performing Arts Centre in Cleveland, thats the Queensland one..April 30 2014.
    A bit of creativity from the sound desk on occasion..after all, the cds have an orchestra and multiple singers hey!
    Its been 15 years since he last graced this stage..or maybe a Brisbane stage..."here", the man said.
    He sang a lot of the old favourites; and, as he said, with 7 or 9 albums to Dr Hooks credit, he could sing until daylight, and there would still be a Somebody would declare..he didn't sing my favourite song!
    For song..encore, he asked us to choose a song..Silvias Mother got the nod..although there were plenty of people who wanted something a bit more..whats the word?..risque..rambunctious..raucous..irreverant..anyway, there was only one swear word all night..and hey, if the Prime Minister can swear on nationwide television, we surely can forgive one of Americas favourite sons!..But I digress..there was no mention of..something glorious..and lighten up his day..raunchy was probably the word I was looking for..
    Talking raunchy..he gave the Queen of the Silver Dollar the heavy rock immediate thought was..if he disliked it so much, why sing it in the first place? Its a beautiful song..heh..but not on the night! She was only 16..gained a preliminary..this may not be politically correct nowadays; especially with events in the UK..aaargh! But he sang it well. We all sang along..he'd pause here and make sure we were!
    Talking cds with lots of backing..(right up the top of the page!)..there was an often requested song he has been reluctant to sing..on account of nooo backing on his little stage he realised..but decided to give it a go tonight..after all, the rest of his songs were..just him and his three guitars on stage, with a not mentioned creative sound desk on occasion...and that went over well.
    Good story teller, good entertainer, involved the audience here and there..talked about his ex-es, theres even a song about what sort of a horrible person he was..a beauty! Haven't heard a few of his songs, this being one of them.

    1. Haven't heard of him but it sounds entertaining. We did enjoy Opera on the Harbour BUT it rained AGAIN - not as much as last year but still couldn't believe we picked the night both years when it rained. Also went to see Noises Off at the Opera House drama theatre which was very well done - very professional and amusing. We'd seen it once before many years ago in London but it stands the test of time.

  13. An old lady once told me that her only regret in life was not seeing the Bee Gees in concert when she had the chance. I remember thinking she was crazy. Setting aside one's thoughts on regrets, I remember thinking it was ridiculous - surely no one band, no one concert, could mean so much to a person.

    That was until I saw Queen & Adam Lambert in concert last week (26 August 2014, All Phones Arena, Sydney). It's the first time I've left a concert feeling like I have to see it all again, right now. And I know - I feel it deep in my bones - that it would be on my list of life's regrets if I didn't get there. If I had of listened to my head 6 months ago when booking tickets: how can you spend $200 on a ticket when you owe the tax man? Will it make you too tired, it is a school night after all? Do you want to do the seven hour return trip to Sydney? Is it worth it?

    Coming out of the concert I feel like an idiot for even thinking about these questions and for once again opening the door for my head to speak over my heart. But if I take one lesson from that old lady, it's that music is food for the soul and that you cannot put a price on the experience. You would regret it if you did.

    I know it's not Queen. Yes, the only two originals are now well into their sixties. And no, it wasn't Freddie. And I agree, nobody could ever replace him. But I still loved it. Those old men played for 2.5 hours straight and never missed a beat. In Roger Taylor's case, I think age has only made him a better drummer. In an epic drum battle between him and his 25 year old son, he dominated. And for anyone considering the world's greatest guitarists, Brian May left us in no doubt that he deserves to be at the top of that list. His 10 minute guitar solos were definitely self-indulgent but shit, he's Brian May. He's allowed to be.

    Adam Lambert is the true revelation. He finished runner up on American Idol five years ago and has had a couple of hits here. But he made a seemingly impossible task - filling in for the late great Freddie Mercury - look simple. He was cheeky and flamboyant - five costume changes, each one better than the other - but it was totally natural (not to mention that strut). Adam wasn't trying to be Freddie but there were appropriate tributes to him throughout the night. Only Freddie could do the Beelzebub part of Bohemian Rhapsody and the old video footage really worked.

    Adam's take on Killer Queen was the absolute stand out. Roger did a fantastic job of Bowie's part on Under Pressure and Brian's performance of '39 was beautiful. And the big hits kept coming: Somebody to Love, 7 Seas of Rye, We are the Champions, Radio Gaga. I could not fault any of them. I only hope that everyone else that caught the concert around Australia left with the same feeling that I did.

    Rumour has it they are working on new material, with a Queen & Adam Lambert album due out next year. As a die hard Queen fan/collector, there may have been a day where I was disgusted by such a prospect. Now I can't wait

  14. 'Twas a dark & stormy night
    the dunny light was dim
    There was a crash
    there was a splash
    Oh no! Hes fallen in...

    My review for the watching of the Show of the Year
    the great JW

    For those to whom this means
    u uneducated lot

    John Williamson, twin towers, last weekend.
    Didn't start well..a knot of security people, a smaller knot of patrons..a few people in seats that looked as though they should budge, but weren't about to
    Had all the hallmarks of a good movie, must admit all came clear..oh..they b#$^@#&d the tickets up..we have seats back up the side for this eventuality they sold tickets for seats that didn't exist!
    So much for grabbing seats up close and personal to the stage..relegated to the back blocks...

    But anyway! Preshow entertainment was good..see above, but the main act..superb. He didn't get to sing the Budgie song..we had between song entertainment as well, with requests being ..submitted, from somewhere in the middle of the audience...nah, wasn't me..I would have liked it too..he had all songs sorted out, and the Budgie wasn't on the program that night..sadly. But, we did get a budgie song of sorts..where the soon to be de tommed tom cat ate the budgie..and we left his the family vet.
    Yeahp..he had that many albums, and many times that songs..that he couldn't fit them all in on the night..can't please everyone!
    Must say, with a song about going back to home town there got a mention..hooooey! ...golden hills of Swansea...that was a surprise! Anyone from tassie was the question..only seemed two of us there on the night.
    Aaaand, we got to have a sing Vx them, and JW reckoned..we were the best this year. We did sound rather mellow..maybe that was because you had to stop you own skwarking to listen to everybody elses...
    Oh..who were the us, and who were the them?! guys, and them..all the girls.
    The Muppet.